#StudiousSeptember: Study Tip Musts!

20 Sep

Now that it’s September, hopefully you’ve had time to adjust to your schedule and figure out when to do work for a specific class, I think it’s important to talk about some other things that can help you have an amazing first semester of college!

As I’ve said before, I was terrified of professors and was terrified of approaching them in any manner. But they are there to help you succeed! Which is why I want to talk about the importance of office hours and why everyone should go. If you’re not already familiar, office hours are when the professor sits in their office and goes over any questions you have about an upcoming test or any concepts that caused confusion during lecture. Not only does this benefit you in the moment, it also helps to start building a relationship with a professor as they get to know you, which is sometimes difficult when you’re in a lecture with 600+ people. Not only that, it will show that you care which can sometimes even help with your grade in the end if they saw you made many attempts to help yourself in the class. Sometimes they will even chat with you about how you’re doing, which helps build that professional relationship that can be beneficial when you need a letter of recommendation in the future!

Another important way of studying I wish I would have started earlier my freshman year was forming study groups. I’m not sure who exactly coined the term “two heads are better than one”, but that person was brilliant! Having other peers from the same class with you to help you study and go over different topics covered in class is so helpful. Not only that, there’s a very high chance someone has a question that you might have as well, and for some reason, at least for me, having a peer explain it to me helps me understand the topic better. They are able to put it into a perspective that is clearer and easier to understand than the technical way a professor might explain it. It’s also a great time to go over a study guide and have different people focus on one topic, and afterwards when everyone is done, you can go more in-depth and have a more detailed conversation about that topic so you’re better prepared.


Thankfully I have been lucky to have friends in most of my classes so I could form a study group with them, however I know sometimes that is not the case. I suggest trying to notice other people who are struggling and ask if they would be interested in ever getting together at the library to get homework done or study. I’ve literally had someone approach me that way one time, and while it does sound weird, we were both struggling and needed help and we made it work. We also became really good friends, so it worked out both ways. You could also send an email via the class list link on D2L to see if anyone would be interested in forming a group that way!

It might be intimidating to try these different approaches, but the benefits are so overwhelmingly spectacular that there is no reason not to try them out. You can either find clarity in something you were totally lost about or make a group of close friends that are hopefully the same major as you so you can keep them around for future study groups.

Hopefully these tips help you now and in the long run so that your semester goes smoothly!



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