#StudiousSeptember: Disorganized Organization

21 Sep



I am absolutely, one hundred percent, disorganized.

Some people frown upon it, some people deny it, but me? I accept that title, and turn it into one of my best assets.

How? With a few tips from yours truly, and some visual aid from Tony Stark, you’ll be on your way to be the most organized disorganized student.


Disorganized planning:

What? How can someone plan something in a disorganized fashion?

DO not fear. Planning does not have to be neat. Planning just helps keep you on track.

Oh, and I KNOW what it’s like, having a planner, and never using it because you so will remember that paper due next week. And I definitely know what it’s like for a professor to assign an assignment the last thirty seconds of lecture, meanwhile the only thing on your mind is how you’re going to beat the line at Chick-fil-A. SO, when I say use a planner, I mean USE A PLANNER.

I’m not saying you have to have a huge physical planner, or a giant calendar in your backpack. I’m saying, you look at your phone a billion times a day, why not use that calendar app of yours?

It’s not difficult to add a due date, and it definitely does not hurt adding daily or weekly reminders of upcoming assignments! Not only does it save paper, but it also REMINDS YOU! SO no more excuses of ‘Oh I forgot,’ because your phone has your back!


Disorganized Filing:

Ever been victim to your backpack literally eating your syllabi or rubrics? It’s definitely your lack of effort to put it in appropriate place.

Get a folder, just one will do, and stick all of your papers in there.

There’s no need to go overboard and buy one folder for every class …that’s way too much effort. You’ll rarely have more than five sheets of paper in a semester’s span in each class, so just stick all of your papers from all of your classes in them!

They’ll never disappear on you again!


Disorganized note taking:

Ever take notes on a loose leaf sheet of paper and when you bring them out, you’re either missing half of them or they’re in a messy pile with no order? Simple solution: write notes in a spiral notebook. Why? It keeps everything together and in order! You’ll be able to lazily, WITHOUT EFFORT, have your notes organized! –bonus points for not having to try- Plus, if you get bored and want to doodle, you can keep them all together and complete!


Disorganized Reminders:

Even though your phone’s calendar app should be of great use to you, I know to the FULLEST extent what it’s like to be woken up from a nap by a reminder, and then swiping out of the alarm just to resume your beauty rest.

No judgements. Everyone needs beauty sleep.

There is a last minute reminder solution, though!

Pen tattoos!

Scribble a reminder on the inside of your forearm or your wrist! It’s a cute (if you like your own handwriting), grungy way to remind yourself that something is due. What else is going to catch your attention like a strip of black ink that wasn’t on your arm yesterday?


This is a temporary fix of reminding yourself of what you need to get done –until you shower- so hopefully you won’t be depending on this type of disorganized planning as your first resort!

Disorganized time managing:

Oh, the bane of my existence. Balancing school, eating, intramurals, work, and regular naps isn’t the easiest task -especially for someone who prefers Netflix over a term paper due.


But lo and behold, there is a way to break that notion that you won’t be able to sleep during finals week! –Trust me, you will definitely be able to get some shut eye-

I’m in no way saying make a calendar schedule for studying, because, let’s be real, who actually follows those?

I have this rule called the ’45-15er’. It’s basically that I must be productive in whatever I need to get done for 45 minutes, and then I get a fifteen minute break.

What?! Can’t focus for 15 minutes? Don’t worry, sometimes I can’t either. You can break your time down into 15 minute intervals and have 5 minute breaks in between.

Moral of the story: get your work done without over-frying your brain.

Disorganized cramming:

I’m not saying that cramming is the best way to study, but if you do find yourself hunched over your textbooks and notes, your mind reading the same sentence OVER and OVER and nothing actually absorbing into your mind, try snacking.

I’m a huge foodie, don’t get me wrong. But, if you have small snacks that you can munch on while reading, your mind seems to focus a bit more –atleast mine does-


Goal marking:

So, you find out you have forty pages to read before tomorrow morning?

There is an easy solution!

Make a page goal, read to that page then take a break. Keep making small page goals, and before you know it, you’ll be at the end of your assignment!


And those are all of my tactics to stay organized and in the game. They’re not the most orthodox methods, but I can assure it gets the job done!

Good luck, my fellow disorganized people!



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