#StudiousSeptember: The Might of Making Mates

22 Sep

Going to college can be a scary thought at first. When it was my first year at the UA, I remember feeling confused, lost, and everything seemed so chaotic. From finding all my classes, to discovering that the syllabus would become my best friend, I was never quite sure if I was doing the whole “college student” thing right. However, with two years down there is one tool that I have found to be a lifesaver during the semester. HAVING FRIENDS.

Making new friends the first few weeks of classes is something I make sure to do to prepare for the semester. This may seem silly, but knowing a few people from each of your classes is soooo helpful. Come mid-semester, or a time you get a cold and can’t make it to class, having a few people you can contact to fill you in on what you missed and can give you any notes that you may need could make a difference in how you preform in the class. Not only do you get the notes you need, but you can also get a study group together before tests. Trust me, you’ll want to do study groups because there is always going to be someone who knows different information than yourself!

Granted, making new friends isn’t always that easy and I’ve been in a class of 300+ students and didn’t know anybody. Then, when I missed a day I was left on my own clueless of what happened in class because I didn’t make any friends the beginning of the semester. And I’m not just saying this, but it really did affect my final grade in that course. So, don’t be afraid to break the ice! There is nothing seriously bad that could happen. Worse case scenario, the person you introduce yourself to will pretend to be nice to you until class is over and you probably won’t even see them again anyways. Best case scenario, you make friends who will help you succeed in the course and maybe they’ll even become your best friend (I know super cheesy, but oh well)! You can do it, and I promise you’ll thank yourself later!



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