#StudiousSeptember: Don’t Stress, Jess

23 Sep

Stress: an essentially fundamental, yet hated, component of life.

Tests, projects, essays: essentially fundamental, yet hated, components of school.

Assuming you go to the University of Arizona, there is a very likely chance you have (or will) experience stress related to some sort of examination. I know that I personally stress over everything when it comes to school. While this is an ongoing struggle in my life, I found that it was particularly hard for me my freshman year. You’re just getting acclimated to your environment and life in this brand new place, so there are probably a lot of stresses you’re going to face as the New Girl (or guy) on campus.

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Stressing over the grade, won’t get you the score!                                                                

Maybe it’s the night before the exam, and you have procrastinated big time.  Or maybe, the test is coming up in a weeks time, and the idea of sitting in that cold auditorium is just giving you major anxiety. Either way, the solution is never to stress. Remain calm, and develop a plan. Whether this means planning your day hour-by-hour, or it means getting a group together to study a couple days before crunch time. We are in college, so yes grades are important. Personally, I place a lot of stress on myself about “getting the grade.” But I can promise you, freaking out with all your textbooks and notes skewed around you won’t automatically transfer that information to your brain. Trust me, I have tried it.

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Coping with higher expectations

Coming into college, I know it can be exciting, but at the same time overwhelming when realizing the independence you have. Yes, your parents are no longer there to ask you if you’ve done your homework. But at the same time, now your professor really doesn’t care if you’ve done it either. Obviously your professors want the best for you, but when they are responsible for hundreds of students at a time, they really don’t have the time to remind you your midterm paper is due. And with some small amount of regret, they will plug that zero into your grade book.

All of a sudden it is really and truly up to you to keep on top of everything, and that can, quite frankly, be a scary realization. There are a lot of tips and tricks to keep yourself on track: buy and use a planner, give yourself a time and quiet space to get your homework done, and know your limits! Hitting the town with your pals is always a good time, and definitely don’t deprive yourself of such good times- but on a Tuesday night when you have an exam Wednesday morning? Not the best idea. So, make sure you designate your time and energy in a responsible manner, and you’ve got this college thing down.

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Learn to balance

For someone with a tendency to get anxious over school, a major lesson I learned freshman year was that it is important to have a life too. Obviously if you are in a crucial week, and quite literally every class is testing you in some form, then yes it’s time to buckle down. However, even then, give yourself a moment to breathe. Your brain cannot and will not function with multiple nights of zero hours of sleep. When you’ve been studying for hours, get up! Stretch out your limbs, grab a glass of water, take a walk around the block. Whatever you need. Family, friends, and social interaction in general are pivotal to your success at this school.

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Congratulate yourself!

After that big paper is due or that stressful exam is over and done with, make sure you treat yourself! Maybe this means a night out with friends, or some fro-yo from Pinkberry. Regardless, you made it. Even if the exam didn’t go quite the way you planned, there is a true sense of relief in knowing that you tried your hardest.

New Girl thumbs up nick miller we did it you did it

So, study hard Wildcats, but remember you are more than a grade you receive or the numbers of your GPA! Stressing about deadlines will get you no where! Make a schedule and keep to it, and I promise you will have time for fun too. It is so important to keep balance in your life. And remember, if you feel like stress or anxiety is taking over your life, talk to someone! Sometimes relieving that burden from your chest can really make a difference. Good luck this school year!




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