#StudiousSeptember: Start This Semester on the Right Foot!

23 Sep

It’s September and you know what that means, it’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to Fall. This also marks the start of a new school year for all you college students out there. Now, I know the start of a new semester can be quite chaotic, but here are a few helpful tips to get you back in the swing of things.

Read Those Syllabi

It’s a new semester equipped with new classes, new professors, and new expectations. One of the easiest things you can do to be successful in a new course is to read the syllabus. Although your class syllabus may seem like the most boring document known to man, I promise that your professors do not write them solely for their health. A syllabus can be crucial to the success of any student as it contains class expectations, class requirements, important dates and deadlines, and the contact information for your professor. In other words, your syllabus is like a road map, use it and it will lead you to the grade you desire, neglect it and you will surely find yourself lost.

Preview your Book List

Every college student knows how stressful getting their books can be. Not only are books costly, but finding them can sometimes produce unexpected conflicts. Maybe the bookstore ran out of copies or maybe the bookstore doesn’t offer the book at all, whatever the case previewing the books you need for your classes ahead of time will definitely ease the entire process.

Once you have your schedule finalized and receive your list of required texts from your school, it can be very helpful to preview your book list online prior to the first day of classes. During this time you should be finding out which books will and will not be required for your classes. Sometimes it is even helpful to reach out to your professors and ask if you will actually be using the book in class; sometimes professors will even stream the texts from the school library online free of charge. Once you have your list of required books, go out and make good purchases!

Organizing a Planner

So you read your syllabi, ordered your textbooks and now you think you are ready to take on all 16 credit hours at full speed? That may work for you if you are a master at time management, but for those of us normal humans, it is definitely helpful to have some form of a task manager or planner to help organize important dates, deadlines, events, and assignments.

Being a college student is not easy. In addition to going to class, many students struggle with completing assignments, spending time with family and friends, or even working at a part time job. With all the tasks that students are responsible for, it can become very easy to forget things. One simple way to avoid this problem would be to purchase or create some form of a planner. This planner can be solely for academics but it can also include important personal reminders such as doctors appointments or special events. The important thing is to find a method that works for you, whether that’s a paper planner, phone, or notebook.

Now You’re Ready!

With these helpful tips and a bit of luck you guys should be able to rock it this semester! Good luck!



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