#StudiousSeptember: 10 Tips to Stay BALANCED

26 Sep
STEM majors are thrown into universities with a set of high expectations they are 
expected to fill. Here are some tips to help the STEM majors out there (with a 
little science and math humor thrown in!) 
balance1. Measure out all the time you need two accomplish tasks 
2. Don't tare your hair out trying two find a quiet place two study because the 
library offers quiet floors balance3. Never procrastinate and weight two finish homework
4. Scale back and take a break if you become two stressed out

5. Don’t be dense and forget two write things in a planner

6. Waiting until the last minute two study will cause a pounding headache
7. Sort through your backpack weekly two make sure you only carry what you 
need so it doesn’t become two heavy
8. Going in two office hours befour you get two behind will have massive benefits
balance9. Finding a relaxing activity (yoga, running, baths, cooking etc.) will help put
your mind at equilibrium
balance10. Balancing school, work, clubs, sports, friends, etc. will never be easy but
with some effort anything can be done

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