#StudiousSeptember: Smart Purchases for Smart Students

27 Sep

Getting back into school mode can be challenging. We get so used to the long summer nights, staying up late, and no responsibilities. Then, when school starts we are supposed to drop everything and change our habits almost immediately. While being prepared for school can make the year go by smoothly, feeling confident and motivated is a great key to getting back into school mode.

Another key factor to feeling prepared is to feel confident. Buying materials that you love is actually important. The better you feel about yourself and about school the more positive you will be. For example, getting a backpack that you love can make you feel confident at school. Confidence can go a long way when meeting new people because it can make you more comfortable to start a conversation or to even get the bravery to walk into class. The saying “look good, feel good” does actually make sense because confidence comes from finding things that you like to wear or use and embracing it.

The last factor that attributes to getting back into school mode is to be motivated. Everyone needs a motivation to succeed no matter what it is. It could be buying ice cream after a big exam or watching an episode on Netflix after finishing homework, motivation is a powerful tool when heading to success. As school starts, it is important to find motivation in the little things. Buying a backpack that you love will not only make you feel confident, but it will also serve as a little motivation. I find that when I buy materials that I actually enjoy using, I want to use them more often. So spending a few extra bucks on the backpack that you love will make you want to use it every day, therefore giving you the motivation to go to school every day.

The important part is to get back into school rhythm and find what works for you. Preparedness, feeling confident and motivation can be a great tool in order to succeed, don’t be afraid to use it!




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