Falling into Fall

6 Oct

It’s that time of year again, flu season… fall I mean, it’s the season of fall! Fall is a wonderful magical time of year. From the snowflakes in the air to presents under the tree, this is my absolute favorite time of year.


Wait a minute. No, scratch that.

From the melting snow to the first bloom of flowers, this is my absolute favorite time of year.


Nope? One more time!

From the colorful leaves on trees to the smell of cinnamon in the air, this season is my absolute favorite time of year. Finally, I got it right. As you might imagine the fall time is a little chaotic for me. Also, you can probably tell from my sarcasm… fall is not my favorite season.


Starting in late September/early October, there is a mood shift. Shorts and crop top season swiftly approaches a halt, as jeans and sweaters wake from their hibernation. Community pool hours become shorter and shorter as the thermostat rises and rises. Leaves, glorious leaves! I’m sorry reader give me a moment to think of an over-dramatic representation of leaves…hmm I can’t do it. If I’m being honest I have a lot going on right now. Let me describe to you the REAL fall season.


First, what I previously said was true, it’s flu season. When you’re in a 250 person lecture hall and over half of them are sneezing and coughing, paying attention to the lecture is nearly impossible.


Next, it’s a weather battlefield. Walking to your 9am you need a light sweater and some jeans and you’ll be perfectly fine. By noon that same day you are physically melting because the temperature shot up 200 degrees.


Allergies. Enough said.


Finally, the scariest thing about fall isn’t Halloween in October. It’s not watching Freddy Krueger or Mike Myers for the billionth time. And no, it’s not zombies or ghosts or whatever else people are trying summon around this time of year. The most terrifying thing about fall is midterms. This is a professor’s favorite time of year to think you’re only taking their one class and not a full load.

sheldon throwing papers nope.gif

Fall is a time when stress seeps out as quickly as the coffee we are drinking by the gallons.


Don’t get me wrong, fun can be had during the fall season…I think.

One of my favorite things about fall is how quickly you can get ready in the morning. Most of the time I’ll wear the same pair of jeans and U of A sweatshirt and no one seems to notice, including myself.


Everything in the fall time is pumpkin and cinnamon flavor, which can be very delicious.


Anything Halloween related is a scary fun time. From dressing up to all the discounted candy, Halloween is a main attraction of fall.


Finally, and most importantly, the absolute best thing about fall is…


Football season has started. The unity of supporting a team, the rivalry of fantasy football, and pizza and wings every Sunday and Monday night is the crown jewel of fall!



Being a full-time student, part-time worker, club member, football supporter, coffee drinker, allergy-haver etc. fall time can seem overwhelming. It takes a while to adjust to the demand that fall brings, but if you take time to enjoy all the good things during this season, I’m sure it will become one of the most exciting time of year.




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