ASA Peer Mentor Workshops and Discussion Groups

14 Oct


We invite you to come and experience one of our workshops or discussion groups! Both of these activities are a great way for you to get more comfortable on campus, meet new people, and get advice from current UA students who have been in your shoes before. All of the workshops and discussions groups are voluntary and you are able to select which weeks will help you benefit more in your journey through college. We want to make sure before you decide to attend, you understand which structure and topics you will enjoy most. Below is a quick overview of what to expect at each as well as what topics will be covered when you attend!

What to Expect at a Workshop:

Workshops are facilitated by an ASA Peer Mentor and are structured with a series of helpful worksheets and an agenda that pertains to the selected topic.

Workshop Topics:

  • Week 2-Support: With large classes, new experiences, and an ample amount of stress, we understand you can’t do it alone. This workshop is all about identifying the people and resources that are available you need support.
    • Monday, October 17 at 2pm
    • Wednesday, October 19 at 10am
    • Thursday, October 20 at 1pm
  • Week 3-Public Speaking and Presentations: The presentations that you have done in high school don’t compare to the ones you have in college. There is a bigger audience and some final projects require a presentation, which adds more stress to a challenging situation. This workshop is geared towards getting you more comfortable with presenting and public speaking.
    • Monday, October 31 at 2pm
    • Wednesday, November 2 at 10am
    • Thursday, November 3 at 1pm
  • Week 4-Finances and Money Management: Budgeting for an entire semester or school year is often one of the most difficult challenges students face. This workshop is designed to help you navigate tough financial and money management issues that can weigh you down throughout the year.
    • Monday, November 14 at 2pm
    • Wednesday, November 16 at 10am
    • Thursday, November 17 at 1pm
  • Week 5-Involvement: Getting connected or involved in campus life can look very different for each individual student. Some of you may have been super involved in high school and others not so much. This workshop will help you determine your course of involvement while here at the U of A.
    • Monday, November 28 at 2pm
    • Wednesday, November 30 at 10am
    • Thursday, December 1 at 1pm

What to Expect at a Discussion Group:

Discussion groups are facilitated by an ASA Peer Mentor but open to group conversation that will be driven by your peers in the room. This is a great opportunity to meet other students and talk about your experiences.

Discussion Topics:

  • Week 2-Social Media: There are a number of social media options out there so everyone can find a community and method that fits them best – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, the list goes on. In fact, most of us have multiple social media accounts. This discussion group is about improving awareness of the stories that our digital selves tell the world and how to cultivate an online identity.
    • Monday, October 17 at 1pm
    • Tuesday, October 18 at 10am
    • Wednesday, October 19 at 11am
  • Week 3-Communication: Many students feel unprepared to communicate effectively or may not know the right way to approach a certain situation. This discussion group is meant to get you thinking about the ways you communicate so you can feel confident moving forward in your college and professional careers.
    • Monday, October 31 at 1pm
    • Tuesday, November 1 at 10am
    • Wednesday, November 2 at 11am
  • Week 4-Networking & Mentorships: Finding a mentor, whether it be a professor, faculty member, staff member, or another student, is crucial to getting connected to campus resources that will help you achieve your long-term goals. This discussion group will discuss the different challenges and successes of finding and working with mentors on campus.
    • Monday, November 14 at 1pm
    • Tuesday, November 15 at 10am
    • Wednesday, November 16 at 11am
  • Week 5-Identity: College can easily become overwhelming – it’s four long years and a whole lot of pressure for many students. Successful students are able to stay motivated as pressure and stress set in. During this discussion group, you will engage in dialogue to assess your values (both educational and personal) and share experiences in maintaining motivation throughout the semester and beyond.
    • Monday, November 28 at 1pm
    • Tuesday, November 15 at 10am
    • Wednesday, November 16 at 11am



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