It’s All About Positivity

23 Oct

The first semester of freshman year was definitely the hardest for me. There is so much going on and at the same time, you are adjusting to a new environment. If I could describe my first semester at UA in one word, it would be a rollercoaster. There is only one thing that got me through the semester: Positivity.

The first exams were stressful because I didn’t know what to expect. I was taking Math 112 and Chem 151 at the time, and they were my hardest courses. To my luck, their exams always happened to overlap with each other which did not help me at all. I remember being busy all the time with school work. One thing that did help me was that I had a lot of breaks in between my classes which allowed me to work on homework. At the beginning of the semester after the first round of exams, I felt defeated. Everything was going left for me in regards to grades. I did not do so well in anything, and I was starting to doubt my abilities to do well in school. I tried to stay positive because I knew there were still more exams to come and that I could recover. After all, it had been my first exams so next time I would know what to expect.


As midterms came around the corner, the stress kept piling on. All of my professors had picked the same week to have exams and essays due. Midterms were my breaking point. If you know me, you know I am not one to freak out and during this time I had the biggest freaking out moment of my life. I stayed up very late all week and I felt like I was going to fail most of my courses. This then led into thinking I would lose my scholarship money due to bad grades and then I would have to drop out of school and go back home. I know, a little dramatic, but you get the point; I was stressed

200 (2).gif

During this time, I received a phone call from my mom. I didn’t want to pick up because I didn’t want to worry her. After she called me about five times, I decided to pick up the phone and this was the best decision I made. My mom made me feel so much better about my situation. In reality, I think I just needed someone to talk to. Talking to my mom that night made me realize that everything was going to be okay. Looking at the positive side of things also helped me. The positivity I had at the beginning of the semester had disappeared and all I needed was to see things in that perspective again. It is totally normal to feel lost and scared, but remember that you have made it this far and you are half way through the semester! Keep going, keep moving, keep achieving!



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