#OutrageousOctober: Outrageously Fit

28 Oct

Going to the gym in my hometown was not a challenge for me. The gym I went to back in Yuma, AZ was small and not crowded. My favorite thing about that gym was that most of the time I was the only one there. When I came to the UA, going to the Rec was hard for me, so I started going with a friend.

Making my way to the gym with a friend helped me stay in my comfort zone and I liked that I had someone to turn to. My friend always had workouts planned for us so I didn’t even have to worry about knowing what to do next. With college comes a busy schedule, so my friend and I had a hard time collaborating our schedules. We came to the conclusion that we would have to start going to the gym separately. By this time, I thought that going to the Rec alone wouldn’t be so bad but I was mistaken.

I didn’t like going to the Rec because it was too big and I felt that there were machines that I didn’t even know about. My workout felt a little rushed because I wanted to get out of there as soon as I could. The Rec is a great resource if you know how to utilize it and it just happens that I don’t know how. At first it was hard because I didn’t know what to do next, I felt overwhelmed by all the different options. So then I started bringing a routine that I had found online and going off of that. This worked for about a week until I started getting tired of looking up routines and of doing the same ones.

What worked best for me was going to the gym with a friend but that isn’t always possible. Going to the gym alone is overwhelming and intimidating for me. I came back to school this year with a resolution of wanting to go to the Rec more often. Going to the Rec for the first time this year was like the first time I ever stepped in the Rec. Someone mentioned to me that I could purchase a Fitness Pass at the Rec and go to as many fitness classes as I wished. This seemed like a good idea to me especially because I like having someone to push me in my workouts. I wasn’t fond of trying these classes by myself and when my first class came around I felt so awkward and I didn’t know what to expect.

Buying a Fitness Pass this semester was probably one of the best decisions I have made regarding my health. This awkward feeling that I had at first went away within the first week. There were many other people who would go alone which made me less self-conscious and we are all there for the same reason: To workout and have fun! I like not feeling intimidated by all the people and weights/machines. Getting over this fear of going to Rec alone has definitely gone away and I feel like I have stepped out of my comfort zone.



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