#OutrageousOctober: Working Out for 3 Weeks

28 Oct

I decided to do something I haven’t done in such a long time. Work out consistently.

My freshman year I has a lot of time, so I was at the gym almost every day for months. It was a good way to release some tensions from school and other things, but as I have raced through my second year at college, I have almost no time to work out, or so I tell myself. For this month, I decided I would try to work out 5 times a week for 3 weeks. As you will notice I included the word TRY, because let’s be honest, for me anyways this was a lofty goal. None the less I would workout 5 times for at minimum, 30 minutes. Here are my results.

Week 1: Getting it started

Day 1: Well, let’s be honest, does anyone think the first day of working out will be easy? It was harder than I thought, for multiple reasons. Over the summer (and some of last year) I worked out really consistently, so it was easy for me to push the limits every week. Trying new things and working out longer really encourages you when you are trying to maintain a schedule. But the first week trying to get back in it is sooooo discouraging. I could only push the 35 minutes today, barely making my minimum exercise time. It just goes to show how quickly you can lose your stamina when you aren’t working out everyday. Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be better.

Day 2: Just as I expected, today was no different then yesterday. It was super hard and I barely made it to 30 minutes this time. The reason why I felt it was going to be incredibly challenging was because I had an extremely long day today. I had like a 12 hour day but I am proud of myself for at least running a mile and having the motivation to get out of my room once I got back from school. Here’s to hoping tomorrow might be a little better since I will have more energy.

Day 3: Today I felt like I had a great breakthrough. I actually ran a mile without stopping. Now although this may seem like nothing, it has been a long while since I have been able to run over 10 minutes, and although it is a small baby step, just seeing some sort of improvement has really encouraged me to continue working out. At this point I don’t feel any different or see any real improvements, but an increase in stamina is good enough for me.

Day 4: I actually worked out 45 minutes today, a whopping 15 minutes more than usual. Whether it be because I worked out in the morning before classes instead of after, or it is also in combination with my rising stamina, I am pretty excited to see some real definite changes in time occurring

Day 5: So today was a bit of a cheat, but I am going to let myself have this one. I ended up going home for the weekend and was unable to get in a gym or anything, but I did walk around for 2 hours playing Pokemon Go with my younger brother at the park, and I am just going to let this one pass as some sort of exercise since I was outside for the entire time. Hopefully it won’t be to hard getting back to schedule next week.

*Ok a little pre-note before you read my entries for this week. I failed. I failed terribly. I really let this week go off the rails, and funny enough, I didn’t know it was possible. I was immensely busy, writing paper after paper (lol @EnglishMajors), trying to work and engage with 2 outside group projects, so let’s be honest with ourselves here. Did I go to the gym? No. HECK NO. There was no way. Lucky enough though I do have some physical activity built into my schedule, so I got some workish stuff in, just not nearly as much as I should have.

Week 2: It’s not going so hot

Day 1: It was a busy day. Like really busy. I don’t even remember eating breakfast or lunch (that’s bad, please don’t do this if you can). I woke up at 6am to get ready for my 8am ballet class, and let me tell you, I am a semester into intro ballet and it is some hard stuff. You sweat, you stretch, you jump. It’s a lot. But I had a really fantastic breakthrough this week, it being I can now fully put my hands on the ground when I stretch. It is a great accomplishment to me, and even though I only have ballet twice a week, I have noticed great improvements in my overall stamina and flexibility. So I was pretty pleased with myself today.

Day2: I skipped the day after Day 1 and didn’t work out, so I am using my ballet class as my workout again for this day. It works. Not super intense, but it works.

Day 3: I was lucky enough to be dragged into joining a Salsa dance group here at the UA, called Ritmos Latinos (whoo, represent), and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is fast paced, fun, and a GREAT workout. I sweat buckets every week and learn how to dance Salsa. So I really look forward to this day in these weeks.

Day 4: So. My younger brother visited me for the weekend. And we are really into Pokemon Go. Like REALLY into it. Which I know is funny since like no one plays it anymore, but he and I still have a lot of fun together. So we decided to walk all the way from my off campus apartment to campus, which is almost 2 miles each way. So as you can imagine we walked a lot. Like over 5 miles. I really do think this was a 2 hour workout in itself.

Day 5: Since we love Pokemon Go THAT MUCH, we did it again the next day, but stayed out for an hour longer, so although we were only walking, the Arizona Sun still decided to beat its rays down on our faces. It was a workout to say the least.

Week 3: Is it over yet?

Day 1: Well I used Ballet class as my exercise for this day because it has still been a chaotic week in terms of school. But ballet was killer on the legs today so I am definitely going to count it.

Day 2: Ballet class takes another day of exercise, and I am grateful that it is sort of built in at this point because I would be failing this challenge miserably if not.

Day 3: Salsa comes in at number 2 in terms of fall back options, and I am starting to think building in required classes might be the best way to get some workouts in. Plus salsa is immensely fun and pretty active in terms of workouts.

Day 4: Ok. So I ACTUALLY went to the gym today in what seemed like forever, and HURRAY, I reached a full body 1 hour workout. I went with a friend so that kept me in check in terms of time, but 3 weeks ago and I would have not been able to last 30 minutes, so it is nice to seem to real improvement.

Day 5: The last day of this little experiment, and I am honestly pretty proud. I got a full 1 hour and 30 minute workout with a friend at the Rec today and it was tough, and it was really rewarding. It was a fitting way to end the 3 week reign of workout terror.

Here are a couple of observations I made over the past 3 weeks.

  • Working out is hard. Whether it be keeping up with new routines, or just finding the time to actually workout, working out is really challenging. Shout out to those who do this consistently and work and go to school.  
  • Mornings usually work better. The days I would work out after school were painful and tiring. I always had little to no energy after school and realized I couldn’t work out as hard as when I woke up on Saturday and Sundays mornings.
  • Go with a buddy. This I know does not work for everyone, but I saw huge improvements when I went with a friend. One ,for the actual competition of working out, but also for the accountability of having a friend with you.
  • Lastly, just do the best you can. The days I missed a workout I felt really bad about it, not only because I am writing a blog about the experience, but I somehow felt like I failed something. The best thing to remember is getting fit is a slow process. It takes time and dedication. You aren’t always going to workout as much or as hard as you want, but the fact that you are trying is good enough for most people. 



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