The Major Keys…to Test Taking

28 Oct


For DJ Khaled failure is not an option. “They” might not want you to win, but ASA is here to give you the MAJOR keys to successful test taking.

Key #1: Prep

If you were a violinist would you walk into a performance without first learning and practicing your sheet music? Heck no! Well, it is the same concept for preparing for a test. When you walk into your exam, you want to make sure that you have at least previewed the material that you will be asked about; and the more information you know ahead of time, the better! By previewing the information prior to the exam you will be able to refresh your brain on old concepts.

Key #2: Sleep 

If studying is not your thing, (which it really should be if you’re in college) the easiest way to improve your test taking is sleeping. Sleeping is our body’s way of resetting itself. In an article found on  it was noted that “Studies have shown that getting a full eight hours of sleep after learning a new task, such as a finger-tapping exercise, or after studying a long list of words can boost recall the next day” (Gaidos 2015). For whatever reason, memory is heightened with sleep and having slept at least seven to eight hours will be beneficial to you during your exam.  dj-khaled-1

Key #3: Grub

You may not be aware of this, but our brains need to be fed in order to work properly. According to Julia Lundstrom of Simple Smart, our brains consume about 20% of all the energy from the food that we eat (2015). It has been proven that our brains require a significant amount of energy for cognitive processing. So even though it may seem like a hassle to prepare a healthy breakfast, you should consider it if you are aiming to do well on your exams. Also, by eating breakfast ahead of time you can avoid those embarrassing tummy growls.

Key #4: Decelerate 

The worst thing you can do during an exam is rush. Rushing often causes us to miss out on important details and make simple mistakes. While you’re taking your exam, read all the questions carefully and answer each question in its entirety. Also, if you do not know an answer, do not be afraid to skip it and continue on with the rest of the exam; you can come back to the questions you didn’t know after you finish answering all the questions you were sure of.

 Key #5:  Relax

Above all things, it’s important that you remain calm. With all the stress that exams bring, it can feel like the world is closing in on you but the reality is that life will go on. If you ever find yourself feeling anxious before or during an exam, there are a few exercises you can do to help yourself get back on track. Deep breathing is one way to keep your cool during and exam. Take long, deep breaths while closing your eyes. Another great exercise that will help reduce test anxiety is stretching. If you feel tense or closed in during an exam, try rolling your shoulders back and forward. You can also roll your neck slowly from left to right.

Image result for dj khaled in jacuzzi

Now that you have all the MAJOR keys, it is time to put your guide to test success into action. Good luck on those exams or as DJ Khaled would put it, “bless up!”



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