#OutragousOctober: Letters

29 Oct

Have you ever left a confrontation feeling like the situation was unresolved? I find that when I am put in emotional situations, I often have difficulty expressing all of my thoughts and feelings. This month I took a risk by writing a very personal letter to a friend of mine. I was not sure how that person would react but I felt that in order for me to feel at ease it was necessary for me to communicate my feelings.

If you’re anything like me, you are definitely the type of person who avoids talking about their emotions. I was afraid of telling people how I really felt and it was causing me to develop unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety. Although it can be uncomfortable to talk about our feelings, it is an important component of maintaining healthy relationships. Eventually I realized that allowing these negative feelings to build up inside of me was extremely unhealthy and that something needed to be done; that is when I got the idea to write a letter.

Before writing the letter I was extremely nervous. I was so afraid of how the other person would react and that it would ultimately end our relationship. However, I knew it was necessary to eliminate a lot of the anxiety I was feeling. I began my writing process by finding a quiet spot to organize all my thoughts. Once I was able to focus, I spent about half an hour just writing everything that came to my mind even if it seemed overly dramatic.

When my letter was finally complete, I noticed how much better I felt by simply writing about my feelings. In a way I guess you could say it was therapeutic. This proved to be a very useful method of expressing myself. I found it to be so effective because it allowed me convey my thoughts in an organized manner without becoming overwhelmed by my emotions in a face-to-face confrontation. Overall I can say that my experience writing a personal letter was a success.



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