#Outrageousoctober: Girl vs. Juice

30 Oct

So let’s start by saying this: I’ve always enjoyed trying out new “lifestyles.” I personally think it’s a great way to experience things that I would have probably never given a second thought to otherwise. It’s how I became a vegetarian and how I gave veganism a shot for almost half of a year when I was still in high school. Yoga, meditation, crystal and energy work, heck, I even tried my skills at palmistry at one point! All of these things turned out pretty well for me but there’s always been one thing that I haven’t been able to catch on to quite as much as the aforementioned: the juice cleanse.

See, while I was a vegan I relied heavily on juicing to help keep me nourished, (I hate eating raw vegetables), in addition to all the fun meals I learned to cook. However, for some reason every time I attempted a juice detox I always ended up giving in and eating a big plate of pad thai or whatever else had sounded yummy the day before and was left sitting in my fridge. The idea of giving my body the chance to clear out all of the gunk that comes in processed foods so I could get a nice health re-boost has always appealed to me. The point is, I decided that for my Outrageous October blog I would start an easy one-day juice cleanse and actually finish it this time. I’m proud to say it went much better than I had anticipated!

First order of business for my juice day was to load up on the fruits and veggies. Sure, the cleanse was only for a single day but it takes a lot of produce to fill up a person if they’re only drinking juice. I don’t support the idea that juicing is about limiting one’s intake of food or nutrients; it really shouldn’t be seen as a weight loss fad either. As such, I made sure I had enough to keep me from feeling hungry throughout the day and even for some juicing throughout the next few days. I went home with my grocery bags full of yummy carrots, cucumbers, lemons, beets, oranges, etc. ready for the next day!

The day of my juice cleanse I woke up feeling more than ready to take on the challenge. I got up, prepared my favorite morning juice, and was on my way. My morning went by pretty smoothly. I went to work, class, and back to my room all before one in the afternoon. By this point I was still feeling pretty satisfied from my first juice (it was a large amount of juice to be fair), however I decided to go ahead and prepare another drink. I made another big batch of juice using my green fruits and veggies this time. Once, again I was satisfied for the time being. I was only through with half of the day though so I was prepared for what the rest of the day was going to look like. Here and there the temptation of a bagel or a sandwich taunted me but, in all honesty, the amount of liquids I’d been drinking up to that point still had me feeling pretty full.  The afternoon took on pretty much the same story. I kept juicing until bed time and all was well.

The next morning, I had toasted asiago bagel with plain cream cheese and yogurt parfait for breakfast.

At the end of the juice cleanse, I was more than happy to say that it was finally over. Oh, and also that I hadn’t dropped dead from not eating carbs all day. Seriously though, I am just proud that I was able to finish something that I had failed at a couple times before. It definitely got a little tricky here and there with all of the temptations around me, but I took note of why I was doing it in the first place: my body deserves to feel good and I deserve to accomplish the things I want to accomplish. It really just serves as a corny reminder that as long as you put your mind to something and follow through with it, almost anything can be done.


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