#OutrageousOctober: Scaring Myself

31 Oct

So ASA decided to be a little wild and do something that’s totally out of our everyday norms. Some people came up with some really out-there ideas and I thought that maybe I should watch a scary movie by myself. You might be thinking, what’s the big deal about watching a scary movie by yourself? A little information about me is that I’m actually terrified of everything and I can’t watch a scary movie by myself to save my life. The last scary movie I watched was The Conjuring 2 and I actually held onto my friend’s hand the entire time. So when I emailed my idea to my supervisor and she said it was okay, I obviously started to freak out because now I have to commit!


I decided to watch Blair Witch Project because I never watched the first one and I assumed it was a remake. Clearly I was wrong because it’s kind of a sequel to the first movie.  I promise I won’t give away any spoilers from either movies but I would recommend to watch the original Blair Witch Project first because then the second movie will make A LOT more sense!

So starting from the beginning, going to the movies by myself was really weird. I don’t know why I feel like you can’t go to the movies by yourself, but I guess it wasn’t too bad. I’ve bought a movie ticket by myself before while I waited for my friend so it wasn’t too drastically different. Sitting down and waiting through the trailers by myself was also weird because this is the time I usually talk to my friend and goof off and catch up with them. But it wasn’t too bad because I was just on my phone the entire time to take away from my own awkwardness. The movie soon started and then I started to freak out again because I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. Most of the movie was okay. There was a part that really freaked me out because the characters were really confused about this certain thing that was going on and no one was believing them about what was going on.


I went to an early showing so it wasn’t too late when I got out which helped prevent me from being scared afterwards. I probably won’t ever watch a scary movie by myself again because I need to grab on to someone as I freak out, but I would watch a normal movie! This experience helped me get over my fear of doing things by myself and I am happy I did it. I also got to watch a good movie and just have some time to myself to relax. Overall I think this was a pretty good experience!



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