#OutrageousOctober: Wild Western Adventure

31 Oct


I’m not one to be very adventurous. I don’t seek adrenaline rushes or have much desire to “test my limits.” However, I decided that I wanted to do something fun to be a little daring for the month of October. After some reflecting I finally decided that I would do something outrageous and ride a horse! I have fond memories of being a little girl on my great grandpa’s ranch. He had two horses, but I was always too young to ride them. By the time I got old enough to ride them, my great grandpa could no longer take care of them so he had to let the horses go to live in the mountains of New Mexico. We would still visit them in the mountains, but I never had the chance to ride them. Now, I have finally ridden a horse and I know I made my great grandpa smile.


My horse adventure was scheduled for Saturday. I waited the whole week anxiously to meet my new horse friend. When the morning finally came I was nervous. Even when you do something fun there always seems to be negative thoughts that creep in. I knew I couldn’t let these thoughts overcome my giddiness. I kept thinking positively about how much fun I would have. I focused on getting to pet my new friend and being able to take a cute picture with them. After a 30 minute drive to Mount Lemmon we made it to the stables. While we were waiting to check in I could see the horses. They all looked so happy and excited to be going out. I asked if I could have a helmet while riding because safety first, but the ranchers never gave me one. Going without a helmet made me feel adventurous. I hadn’t planned to go without one, but it made me test myself like I’m not used to. The time came to get on my horse for the morning, Smoke. He was a pretty black horse that I loved at first sight. I climbed on Smoke and could feel my heart racing. I immediately started talking to him to make sure we were both on the same page. We agreed there would be no running or kicking going on. After a moment we were off on a trail. It was so breath-taking being in the mountains surrounded by peaceful wildlife. We rode through the mountains of Tucson for about an hour and a half, then just as quickly as it began, it was over.

I felt so daring riding Smoke. It was thrilling going uphill and downhill, sometimes I felt like I would fall off. Smoke never worried he was in his element the whole time, if anything he was the one calming me down! I’m so happy I decided to do something fun right before midterms started. It was relaxing being out in nature not worrying about anything. I can’t wait to ride my next horse!



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