Adulting (A.K.A. Staying Alive)

1 Nov

There is a running joke about how one’s first college experience is every generation’s trial run at adulthood. There’s all of the self-sufficiency, responsibility, accountability…oh, and of course taking on the task of making sure you don’t die of starvation! College might actually be the best way for young people to transition into becoming legitimate grown-ups—kind of like when we learned to ride bikes and still had the training wheels on. Even then, it can be a little scary to try and figure out how to be independent and stay alive when parents, family, and friends are so far away.

When I first got to college, my biggest concern was feeding myself (like most other students). I was lucky enough to have a large meal plan to spend on campus so the scavenger hunt for lunch wasn’t too stressful. The funny thing is that my food concern has actually taken more of an effect in my second year than it did my first year!

Adulting shouldn’t be a daunting task for anyone. Sure, it can be a little scary to have to make doctor’s appointments when you start to feel icky in the winter and it can be stressful to have to figure out big administrative issues with the school all by yourself, but it can all be accomplished. It’s important to remember that you can ask for help. Call someone you can count on to guide you through the process; with a little guidance, a difficult job can turn into a simple one.

Really what adulting is all about is just trying to stay alive. I can’t quite speak from experience, but I’m almost one hundred percent positive that it’ll mean the same thing in our 30s, and 40s, and 50s. There probably is no perfect way to be an adult. What counts is that we do our personal best: take responsibility for the things that we do, be accountable, and remember to eat once in a while. Nothing ever really comes easy, however, we should always put our best self forward.


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