Fall Semester Storms

1 Nov

The fall time can be a hectic and stressful few weeks for many college students. With registration here and final exams right around the corner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done. In about five seconds, life can go from smooth sailing to stormy seas, man overboard, Titanic-type-disaster. This is definitely the time of year when accountability and time management become the keys to success.

So it would seem that students don’t really need family or parental help during this time of year if we’re talking about accountability and time management, right? WRONG. We. Need. Your. Help. Remember how I mentioned that we can go from smooth sailing to Titanic status in about five seconds? It’s actually more like two seconds. Even the most organized, ideal student struggles with trying to accomplish everything that piles up on them seemingly out of nowhere. It’s like we forget that our professors warned us beforehand about the exam, essay, and two chapter assignments were all going to be due on the same night (for every class) even though it was clearly printed onto the syllabus. Well, let me tell you…some of us do and even those of us who don’t will still manage to find the time to have a meltdown even if we can’t manage our time effectively anywhere else.

Students don’t necessarily need to have their hands held (we’re grown-ups, remember?). What can come in handy once in awhile, though, is a nice reminder to get things checked off that one to-do list we put together that one time and stored away in that one place so we wouldn’t forget. For example: priority registration is one of the most important dates for all new students. It’s when students can go into their UAccess account and enroll in their classes for the next semester. Let me warn you beforehand…you might be shocked to find something you didn’t expect to if you bring the subject up. Your student has probably already put together an outstanding spring semester schedule and has possibly even completed full registration by the time you read this and check-up on them to make sure they actually did it (hold on to your hats here people). Despite the chaos of this time of year, us students are pretty great at making sure the important things get done on time. Give us some credit! Still, don’t doubt the value of a quick follow up in case your student forgets to click “enroll” on that fabulous spring semester schedule.

Don’t be too surprised to find that your student is actually a whiz at managing their time and holding themselves accountable for getting the important things on that one to-do list checked off. Most of us are on our A-game the majority of the time! However, if you find that your student is just a little bit less on their A-game than they’d like to be, don’t hesitate to help get them back on the wave. All it takes is a casual phone call or a text to say “hey, how’re you doing?” and sneak in a little support to make sure everything is as it should be. A lot of times, it’s not that students are horrible, unorganized students. It’s just that the chaos of the semester get a little overwhelming and important things may slip by them here and there.

Yes, this time of year is a little more hectic than one would like it to be, but there is really nothing that can be done about that. The only solution to a situation where there seem to be more things slipping through your student’s mind than they would like is to be there for them. Students are truly putting their best effort forward so don’t hesitate to throw out your life-savers and hope that those don’t slide past them as well!


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