#OutrageousOctober: Homemade Pizza!

1 Nov

Everything these days is super accessible and is always prepared, especially pizza. There are COUNTLESS options in the frozen food section at the grocery stores, great restaurants specifically for pizza, and my personal favorite, delivery. All of these options for pizza make it easier for the customer if they want to get something quick, but it takes the fun out of it. I decided this month that I would try to make pizza from scratch with my boyfriend, Casey and his little brother, Riley.

Casey’s first job was at Little Caesar’s Pizza. Since I have been with him, I have always heard about the unique creations of pizza that he would make and bring home to share with his family. Some of his personal pizzas include: a breakfast pizza, a nacho cheese pizza, as well as leftover pizzas where he would bring in leftovers from home and make a concoction based on what he brings in. He would always mention that he could still make the dough from scratch and that he could make homemade pizza whenever we wanted to. I never took him up on it until last weekend when we watched Riley.

I was so excited that he agreed to make homemade pizza and to actually teach me how to do so. I have only made brownies from scratch one time and with this under my belt, I thought that making dough would be just as easy. Obviously, I was wrong! It was definitely not as easy because we had IMG_5003.jpgto wedge the dough with our hands and we had to get the right consistency. With brownies, I followed a recipe, not just go for it as Casey did with this dough.

The dough we made, took a long time to mix. It started out as a mess of yeast, flour and oil that just got everywhere. There was flour everywhere and the dough kept sticking to our hands, making it impossible to get it together. We had to keep rotating between adding more oil and flour to try to get the dough to come together. When it was easier to handle, Casey let his brother, Riley, and I try to mix it ourselves. With our combined effort, we got it to a great consistency and then let it sit for about an hour in the freezer so it could rise.

Before we decided to make pizza, I didn’t realize why we had to let the dough rise before rolling it out. I learned that it keeps the shape of the IMG_5005.jpgpizza and it prevents it from shrinking back into the little dough ball! We WAY over estimated how much dough our amount of yeast would make. Instead of making enough dough for 3 medium sized pizzas, we ended up making the dough of 4 large pizzas! Casey and I decided to let all of us pick our own set of toppings to put on our own pizzas and then make a standard pepperoni pizza.

Casey and Riley were both very creative with their pizzas, while I stayed more on the safe side. Casey encouraged us to use a sauce other than the standard marinara. Riley decided to use a BBQ sauce and Casey and I used a ranch and marinara sauce as a base. We all put different toppings including jalapeños, pineapple, steak, and tomato. Riley decided to use mostly chilies and spicy things on his BBQ pizza, Casey went the more veggie route with olives, jalapeños, and mushroom, and I stuck with pepperonis, steak, tomato, and pineapple. Deciding our own toppings made it a lot of fun and it was interesting to see how everyone went about making their own pizzas. After we added the toppings, we were all starting to get hungry and could not wait for them to get done cooking!

IMG_5006.jpgThe longest, and most boring part was letting them sit in the oven and wait until they were completely cooked through. Because we were putting two pizzas in the oven at the same time, it took awhile for each of them to cook. Once the first two came out of the oven, we were antsy to get the others to cook so we could all sit down and enjoy eating them together! After a few hours for cook time, they were all ready to eat. We all sat down together and tasted each other’s pizza. Obviously all of our favorites were the ones that we constructed but all in all, the pizzas turned out to be amazing and way better than storeIMG_5007.jpg bought or delivered. Casey and I decided from here on out, we would try to make our own pizzas more often!

If you have not, try to make something you would normally go out and buy and try to make it at home. You can do so much more by playing with different ingredients and adding things that you usually couldn’t
if you buy it already made. It is always a cheaper, healthier option, as well as you can be proud of what you have made!!



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