#OutrageousOctober: Ticket for One

1 Nov

As if my October being full of exams every week isn’t outrageous enough; I took it upon myself to use the month of October to step out of my comfort  zone and try something new. My outrageous activity for this October was to go to see a scary movie by myself.

I know! I know! This may not seem too outrageous but to me this was terrifying. Not only was I going to see a horror film I was going by myself. This was the first time I’ve ever gone to see a movie alone in my life.  There’s like some hidden rule that you’re always suppose to go to the movies with someone so I wanted to challenge that and go alone.

….. let’s just say that this wasn’t a good idea.

Going to the movie theatre by myself wasn’t difficult at all. Watching Blair Witch alone in a half empty theatre was terrifying. I must admit that this movie was the scariest movie that I have seen since I was 10 years old watching Nightmare on Elm Street. And to make it worse I was watching it all alone.

After jumping in my seat and spilling popcorn everywhere for an hour and a halfm I was so anxious to get out of the movie theatre. The lonely drive home didn’t make my paranoia any better but after getting home safely and watching a few funny videos on youtube I was nice and calm.

Overall, I can say that I am happy that I stepped up and tried something new this month. Would I recommend this to someone else?  Probably not. But I hope my experience can motivate you all to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this month.

Until next time,

Darius Amos


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