Stay on Schedule this Finals Season!

18 Nov

So we all know managing time is difficult enough throughout the regular school period. I think one word in particular defines for most of us why we struggle with time management, and that is: procrastination. But, obviously, there are about a million other factors that contribute to why time management is difficult in college.

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Here’s the thing, though… As tempting as that party your friend is dying for you to go to is, there is one time of year that you might want to focus all your energies on school. And that time would be finals. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun during the week- college should be fun too- but maybe try to prioritize! Make lists, study dates, and deadlines for yourself.

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So there is one crux with finals that people don’t normally take into account. Before finals time, we are always given a Reading Period, or the not-so-eloquently-put “Dead Day.” This time is granted to us so that we utilize every moment to prepare for every one of our finals and write our final papers. Not just that, but finals are spread over a two week period. This makes for a good amount of down time. I am here to implore you to use that time to your advantage!

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It’s hard, I know. Honestly, you’re going to be really tired, and you’re going to want to be lazy. But listen, you made it through the whole semester and you have the entire winter break to look forward to! (College perk: Winter break is super long.) So don’t let all the effort you put in throughout the year go to waste and end on a high note. Give these final exams your all. So…

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Except… a little less creepy than that.^ Good luck! #beardown



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