Time for Turkey

18 Nov


8:00AM- Breakfast, keep it light to conserve room

9:00AM- Time to help my dad prepare the turkey

9:30AM- Bad dad joke involving turkey

10:00AM- Begin cooking turkey

11:00AM- Preparation to cook potatoes and stuffing

11:15AM- Realize we forgot something that’s vital in cooking

11:30AM- Run to store to get said forgotten item


12:00PM- Preparation to cook stuffing and potatoes

12:30PM- Begin cooking potatoes and stuffing


1:00PM- Preparation for football

1:30PM- Finish last minute items: gravy, corn, and asparagus

2:00PM- Turkey’s ready along with other sides


2:15PM- Everyone serves themselves and we all sit in the living room

2:30PM- Begin eating and watching the beloved Dallas Cowboys play the Thanksgiving game


3:00PM- Eat and football

3:30PM- Eat and football


4:45PM- Call grandma at halftime to wish her a happy Thanksgiving

5:00PM- Football

5:30PM- Eat dessert and either cry or celebrate depending on the outcome of the game


6:00PM- More dessert

7:00PM-  Dad tells my brothers and me to clean up

7:15PM- Fight over cleaning up

7:30PM- Clean up

8:00PM- Relax and enjoy more food

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoy it no matter where you are or who you’re with!




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