#NovembertoRemember: The First Climb

19 Nov

Living in Arizona has its perks. We might not have a relaxing beach but we do have beautiful sunsets, desert scenery that takes your breath away, and awesome rocky mountains. I have lived in Arizona all of my life, yet I had never gone hiking to appreciate the things that make Arizona so great. In my hometown, there is a little mountain that people like to hike called Telegraph Pass. Ever since my senior year in high school I promised myself that I would go hike Telegraph Pass but I never seemed to have the time. Once I came to live in Tucson I heard of all the hiking trails available and I made a new resolution to go hiking in Tucson. I’ve lived here for a year and I had not found the time to go hiking.

I decided that I had to hold myself accountable if I wanted to get this done so I told some friends to go with me and they agreed. I packed a bag with water, snacks, a hat, and sunglasses and I felt ready to take on Seven Falls. As Sunday morning came around, I felt very excited for my first hike. We got to the hiking trail and started our journey not really knowing what we were doing. It was also my friends first time on that hiking trail so they did not really know where to go either. We decided to follow a young couple in front of us who appeared to know where they were going. Once we saw that there were no more signs around, we decided to ask in what direction Seven Falls was and we were told that we were on the wrong path and had to turn around. We ended up hiking a trail that leads to Bear Canyon but we didn’t even make it because we turned around in hopes of finding Seven Falls. By the time we found the correct trail, we were exhausted. We decided to end our hiking journey there and went for lunch.

Overall, I really enjoyed hiking. Even though it was not exactly what I was expecting, I got to see beautiful landscapes as well as spend time with my favorite people. I think that the next time I go, I’ll know where to go so it will be a lot more fun. A piece of advice for those looking to go hiking is to not be afraid to ask for directions and always look at the bright side. We might not have made it to Seven Falls but we still got to make a great memory!



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