7 Days of #NovemberToRemember

20 Nov

In all of the chaos of tests and papers right before the Thanksgiving holiday (which only means it’s about to get even more chaotic after Thanksgiving), it is important to not let yourself get completely absorbed in the stress, and, instead, seize the day. Although I may have gone a little overboard in exercising the phrase “seize the day,” I decided to do one fun activity every day for one week. Well, here’s what I did:

Day 1 Admire animals at the zoo


Day 2 – Dig into some history at the Pima Air & Space Museum


Day 3 – Go to a Big Reel Fish concert


Day 4 – Go to the pumpkin farm & have a carving session


Day 5 – Enjoy a String Quartet Ensemble (picture featuring the players and my boyfriend and I)


Day 6 – Hike 7 Falls


Day 7 – View the Supermoon on Tumamoc Hill


To be completely honest, although this was probably one of the best weeks of my life, it was completely exhausting. Doing an activity every day along with keeping up with schoolwork was difficult. But at the same time, I’ll never forget this week. So, I guess if there was one takeaway from this, it would be to definitely live in the moment, get out there and have fun! But, make sure you have your responsibilities done at the same time!


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