#NovemberToRemember: My First Experience Voting

20 Nov

Until recently, I had never taken an interest in politics. However, considering the intense circumstances of this past election, I felt like I had a moral obligation to exercise my right to vote.

Gettimg_2469ing Registered

Up until several weeks ago, I wasn’t even registered to vote in Pima county. To be honest, I was just too lazy to register. Luckily, during election season there are tons of community volunteers at the university encouraging people to register to vote. One day while I was on my way to the library, one of the volunteers pulled me aside and helped me to get registered. I am so happy that he did.

Benefits of The Early Ballot 

Since I registered ahead of time, I was afforded the option to receive the early ballot in the mail. My ballot came neatly packaged in a large green envelope. Among the contents included inside the envelope were: my ballot, the return envelope, and an information pamphlet giving a detailed explanation of the propositions listed on the ballot. I really enjoyed the convenience of the early ballot, and although I missed the mailing deadline I was still able to take it to my local polling station.

Choosing my Candidates 

As much as I hate to admit it, I, like many people, did a minimal amount of research on the candidates of this election. I based most of my decisions from watching the presidential debates and the platforms that were listed on the candidates’ websites. Although this was a good start, I really wish that I had done more in-depth research before making my decision. One thing that made it difficult to do good research was the biased nature of news reporting. Whether it was ABC, FOX, or CNN, I noticed that each network showed some kind of bias when reporting about the candidates. In the future, I hope that I will be mindful of this while conducting my research. I intend to look towards more scholarly sources to obtain my information.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 

I remember how excited I was waking up on election day; I had spent months discussing the outcome of this election and the day was finally here.  I dedicated most of the election day researching and finalizing my decisions about each candidate. I often found myself conflicted with decisions, especially when it came down to sticking with my party line or choosing the most qualified candidate. In the end, I only ended up voting for the positions of presidency and congress since they were the categories in which I was most informed.

Self Reflection 

Overall I would say that although I was disappointed with the outcomes of this election, I am happy that I made the decision to vote at all. Since I am a black woman, I feel very obligated to vote. So when I think about all the people that fought for my right to vote it becomes difficult to walk away from that without an overwhelming sense of guilt. Despite the current controversy that our country is experiencing, I am still proud to be an African American woman because I live in a nation where myself and others have the power have our voices heard given the freedoms endowed to us.



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