November to Remember

21 Nov

November went by so incredibly fast but it was a very eventful month. The Peer Mentors were challenged to do something memorable this month so I decided to talk about my first time going bridesmaid dress shopping.

My brother and his fiance are getting married next May and when Arielle, his fiance and my soon to be sister-in-law, asked me to be the Maid of Honor at their wedding, I was ecstatic! By ecstatic, it was a typical screaming, jumping, OMG of course kind of moment. This all happened a few months ago during the summer. Now time is winding down and wedding planning is a lot of work and effort. There are so many details that go into it but that is another story for another day!

This past three-day weekend, I went bridesmaids dress shopping with Arielle and the rest of the bridal party and it was really fun. Not as fun as the wedding dress shopping was, but this was still a pretty cool experience. It was like prom shopping all over again! I tried on so many dresses and honestly, they were actually really cute and flattering and not the stereotypical awful bridesmaid dresses you usually see in the movies! Arielle has two Maid of Honors, one being me and the other being a Matron of Honor who is her best friend. She, unfortunately, was not in the state so she couldn’t attend, but she was spammed in the group chat so she knew what was happening every moment as well.

We all tried on a variety of gowns and it was decided that the maids of honors were going to wear long flowy gowns while the bridesmaids would wear shorter dresses. The original plan was to have all of us wear slightly different dresses to show off our unique personalities. However, we were able to find a specific dress that not only flattered us all, but it came in a long and short style! The even better part is one of her colors are mint and that color looked amazing on all of us. The best part of this entire experience is Arielle is so low stress and she has not entered the Bridezilla phase at all which is what is making this experience so awesome for me!

I don’t have a picture of the dress we ended up choosing, unfortunately! Now that we have our dresses picked out, the next phase of wedding planning is starting. I’m so excited to see everything that has taken so much time and effort to do be completed and executed. 



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