#NovembertoRemember: Pumpkins and Patches

21 Nov

Experiencing a pumpkin patch is a must during the fall time. In fact, most people go to their first pumpkin patch as children with their families and get to play and eat funnel cakes like all families should. That’s what pumpkin patches are for—families and children. Yet, for some reason, I never got to go to a pumpkin patch as a kid and I never really cared. However, this year I decided that I would take my chances and try for a brand new experience to look back on in my old age. My very first time at a pumpkin patch was as a nearly twenty-year-old college student with no money and a big group of girlfriends. Perhaps it wasn’t the ideal first-time pumpkin patch visit, but it was a surprisingly sweet time!

My biggest question had to do with what the heck a pumpkin patch was even about because seriously, a giant pumpkin patch doesn’t sound like the most fun time in the world when you’re passed the age of seven. So I went… and to my utter disbelief, the patch was just a bunch of pumpkins. Outside of the pumpkin patch was a whole other thing. There were stands of delicious, unhealthy, fried foods, kettle corn stands, lemonade stands, games, and a few of my other favorite things (ha ha). Naturally, I had all of that and more. Kids ran around giggling and playing with their friends while parents strolled behind them snapping photographs. It was the most heartwarming atmosphere I’d been in in a while. Just families and friends having a nice time together, making new memories for the future just like I was. My friends and I even got to take a picture to commemorate our lovely afternoon!

Really, the best part about going to the patch wasn’t the patch itself. It may be a really fun time for the younger kids, but as an older person, there really isn’t much to do other than eat food, take a stroll, and take some pictures. Truly, the best part about going to the pumpkin patch was the quality time with people you enjoy being around (and the petting zoo). I couldn’t be more thankful to have such wonderful people around me to keep me uplifted every day, even on the worst days. If there is anything to be sure of, it’s that the company of great people almost always makes for the best days.





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