#NovembertoRemember: Birds of a Feather Make Art Together

22 Nov


Picture a cozy café with a table by the window, your favorite tunes pouring from Pandora’s finest playlist, and your best friend beside you. Time stops for a pair of ASA mentors as they take the day to paint together. The ink flows like the conversation, slightly out of control, entirely enchanting.


We began with blank minds, blank pages and cappuccinos de chocolat blanc. Ink bottles, brushes and fountain pens littered the table as we began our work. We drew from our hearts, no plan, no reservations, just friendship and poetry of motion.

Taking time out of our busy week to make an art oasis out of an ordinary café was beyond rewarding. Sometimes the most valuable thing you can do with your time is to take a moment for yourself, an unstructured break that reminds you how important it is to play. All work and no play makes us dull students who won’t stand out in the crowd. Without moments like these, the days blur together in monotony, we forget who we are and where we’re going in this academic ocean of chaos. Take a moment, an hour, or even a whole day to make a memory this November and let it reward you like it rewarded us.

-Courtney & Amanda


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