Finals Study Tips

2 Dec

The semester is coming to an end very quickly. With Thanksgiving break, it is easy to think that it’s all over, but don’t be mistaken, it has just started. We all got to taste a bit of winter break and now it’s time to buckle down and attack finals head on. Here are a few tips to take on finals!


  1. Start Early: It can be easy to forget about finals and start studying last minute. Remember that you have other finals to study for as well and the best thing to do is to start studying early. Studying early can help release so much pressure because you will feel prepared. Not only that, but you will not have to cram information last minute. Divide your work each day and this way you will have enough time to study for all of your finals!giphy
  2. Rest: One of the most important things to keep in mind while getting ready for finals is to rest. Rest is very important because it can help you retain more information. The brain does not work properly when it is tired, so make sure to give it the rest it needs. Cramming before an exam can make your head hurt, but putting information a little at a time can make all the difference between an A or a B.giphy (1).gif
  3. Take Breaks: Studying for long hours can be exhausting. To help you stay focused and motivated make sure to take 10-15 minute breaks every hour. This can help you clear your head and come back and see material differently. Use your breaks between long hours of studying to check Instagram or eat a snack! There are different ways that you can make breaks to your advantage by using them to motivate you to keep on studying.200
  4. Relax: After a long day of studying make sure that you can relax. Relaxing can mean different things for different people. I know that for me, relaxing means watching an episode of Friends on Netflix. Relaxing can help take away some of the anxiety that comes with studying for a big exam. Remember that you have done all that you can and that the outcome will show that!


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