Hello, Winter Break!

16 Dec

Finals season is more than just spending countless hours in the library cramming for an A. It brings more than just the warm bond of sharing a mass study guide through Google Documents with your classmates. What finals season really brings students is the consolation that the first half of their school year is finally coming to a close and that they’ll be able to enjoy life again (if even for a short moment). The weeks following finals are all about spending time with loved ones and preparing for the upcoming spring semester.

Every year, my favorite thing is going back home to my family. There is really nothing like packing up on the last day of finals and making the long awaited trip back home to see friends and family after months of being apart. The best part is that you get to stay there for the entirety of nearly a month without having to worry about the responsibility of being a student. It’s really a wonderful time. Marvelous.

However, winter break is not just for sleeping in and finding new ways to kill time. Students usually wait until the last minute, but this is usually the time where we have to prepare for the upcoming semester. This basically means school shopping all over again plus some very hasty final looks at UAccess to double- and triple-check that everything is ready to go. The best thing, though, is to avoid any last minute panic attacks by going into UAccess before even leaving campus to make sure any issues are handled as soon as possible. There’s not much that is more stressful than having to go the Bursar’s office when you’re all the way knee-deep in snow in Minnesota. On the other hand, there’s also nothing worse than running to an office supplies store two hours before having to board the plane, bus, or whatever mode of transportation being used to get back to campus. Amidst all of the fun of winter break, it’s important to remember to get everything on the to-do list checked off in a timely manner.

After months and months of hard work and focus, there is no better reward than getting to go home to a cozy bed and some good food. Winter brings some of the warmest times of the year for many people. With that said, I would like to wish you and your families happy holidays and a safe break. Until next year!



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