5 Things to Do in Tucson over Winter Break

18 Dec

Take a trip up Mt. Lemmon

Mt. Lemmon is a great way to get outdoors this break. Yes, I included a photo of Mt.Lemmon when it snowed last year. But, who knows, there may be some snow up there now! Mt. Lemmon’s beautiful lake, adventurous hikes, and shops are just a few things to check out. Just the drive up there is an adventure of its own!

Check out the holiday lights in Winterhaven


Sadly, this may be the last year Winterhaven will be having its legendary light festival due to funding. So, you have to see it before it’s too late! This neighborhood goes all out with holiday lights. There are different themed houses, water shows, and some houses even have a light show to match the music they play! It’s free to walk around, but you can also pay to take hayrides and other transportation rides through the neighborhood.

Explore all the things Trail Dust Town has to offer


If you haven’t already, get a little taste of the wild west at Trail Dust Town! Stunt shows, Pinnacle Peak Restaurant, and amusements for all ages can all be found at this fun town. Pinnacle Peak has been my favorite since I was a kid. They have a no tie policy. So, if you walk in this restaurant with a tie on, they will cut if off and hang it from the roof! I love it! For over 50 years, Trail Dust Town has been keeping the Western spirit alive in Tucson.

Try a new restaurant like Bobo’s


Bobo’s may be a small restaurant, but the food is incredible! Known for their breakfast, Bobo’s is definitely a great place to get a bite with family and friends. What’s even better, the prices are all cheap too!

Get in the holiday spirit with Zoo Lights at Reid Park


The Reid Park Zoo Lights will take you to a winter wonderland this holiday season. Although the animals will probably inside keeping cozy, you will be able to enjoy the twinkling animal themed lights while enjoying hot coco. For an additional fee, you can even take a camel ride! Rumor has it that Santa will be there too!

Get out there this break and make some lifelong memories!



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