Crafty Winter Crafts

18 Dec

Frugal and festive gifts are an important part of any student’s holiday season. Whether you’re feeling crafty and want to deck your halls with something homemade, or you just need that extra touch to stuff a stocking, these crafts are for you!

Arm Knitted Infinity Scarf 

If you knit, this will be a cinch! If not, clear your mind and watch the video in small steps. Once you have the rhythm down you can crank out a chic little infinity scarf in under an hour.


Two balls of thick yarn

Your arms

Paper penguins



These little penguins will make anyone smile. You can hang them in your window, march them across your dashboard or tape them to a gift. They’re easy to make and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.


Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls

Black, white and orange paint


Click here for Instructions

Nutcracker friends

photo (1).JPG


Who doesn’t love a personalized gift? Try making one yourself by redressing a funky nutcracker as one of your friends! Put some construction paper hair on it, paint on some glasses, a mustache or whatever fine features your friends possess and watch the transformation. It will make a unique addition to anyone’s winter décor.


A wooden nutcracker

Acrylic paint

Construction paper

Anything else you can think of

Mason Jar Snow Globe



Yay! Snow globes! With a hipster touch. Make a glittering globe of awesomeness for your friends and family with a mason jar and whatever figurines your heart desires. You can make a snowy desert landscape, a confetti-filled graduation scene or a classic snowman in three easy steps.


Mason jar


Mod podge liquid sealer

Crazy glue


Distilled water

Vegetable glycerin – found online or at the Food Co-op

Click here for instructions

Personalizing your gifts will give your loved ones something that touches their hearts. Make something uniquely you, enjoy your holiday and soak up the love this season!

-ASA Peer Mentors


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