#DreadedDecember: Gift Giving

19 Dec

Most people love to give gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I also like giving but I find it extremely hard. Every year my family does a Secret Santa Exchange for Christmas since there are so many of us and every year I struggle to find a gift. I like giving gifts when it is random and I find something at a store that made me think of someone. Having to find gifts for a Secret Santa Exchange almost feels like homework to me. It might be the idea that it is just for that specific person and I have to find the perfect gift for them. Some people are great at giving gifts no matter for who it might be. Thankfully my mom is one of those people and she always helps me find gifts for others.


This year my roommates and I decided that we are going to do a Secret Santa Exchange. To my surprise, I found a gift for my roommate right away.  This time I think that it might have been easier because we made a small list of things that we wanted or needed this Christmas. Having that list made it easier to find something that I wanted to give and that I knew the receiver would love. If you are like me and have a hard time giving gifts, don’t feel bad. Some people are better at gift giving than others and that’s okay. You have to find what works for you by asking for a little more information. This year, I asked my family to provide me with a small list of things they would like just like with my roommates. This way everyone taking a part is happy and it becomes a win-win situation without making it stressful to find that perfect gift!

Don’t be afraid to ask people for what they would like and have a fun time with it! I found that if I went shopping for a gift while I was in a great mood, it was easier to find a gift. So don’t be afraid and have a wonderful time shopping your heart away (without breaking your bank account). Giving gifts is a good thing and I find that every year I learn a little more about my family from doing the Secret Santa Exchange. Who knows what I will learn about my Uncle Marcos this year!



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