#DreadedDecember: International Travel Panic

19 Dec

It’s a new month which means it’s time for a new challenge. As you guys probably know by now, the Peer Mentors are challenged to do something different every month and this month we had to do something that we are dreading to do. The one thing that I am dreading to do but literally have to do is pack for my trip to Peru which is in less than two weeks!


I know, I’m going to Peru which I am so excited for because it’s summer over there and I need to get out of these cold temperatures STAT, but packing for such a semi-long trip is kind of frightening. I’m going to volunteer as part of a clinical medicine program and I am really excited. Even though I’ll be in uniform for most of the trip, I need to pack for every situation possible. I need to figure out what I’ll be needing during my weekend trips and I need to know how much everyday stuff I need to bring.

This isn’t my first time packing for a long trip, but the last time I did pack was over 6 years ago and my needs have changed. I’m not sure if you guys remember but I also plan for every situation that could possibly (but probably not) happen, which is probably another reason why I am dreading packing so badly. But I have started my checklist and if I start early and not wait until last minute, then hopefully it won’t be as bad as it could be if I did.

I hope you guys have an amazing winter break and I hope if you take anything away from this or anything I’ve said this semester, don’t procrastinate because it leads to freaking out and why do that when you can plan early!




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