#DreadedDecember: Packing for Break

20 Dec


Somehow in my 19.5 years of life, I still haven’t mastered the art of packing. No matter how much I plan ahead to consider what I need to bring with me, I always end up either underpacking or overpacking. That’s why the thought of packing for a four-week break is one of the most dreaded things for me in December. How am I supposed to know what I will or won’t need three weeks from now? Especially in Arizona where one day you could be cold in pants and a big jacket, and the next, sweating in a t-shirt. Obviously, I can’t take home all of my clothes, but I also have to consider all that I’ll be dressing for: Christmas dinner, vacation, lounging at home, being outside in the cold, etc. Plus I have to consider space in my little car to take stuff home. All of this makes packing seem so fun, right? Yeah… no… So without further ado, here’s how I packed up for winter break.


Because I live in a dorm on campus, I don’t have a suitcase here, only a duffel bag and a bunch of tote bags. So I decided to get creative and use my big mesh hamper to pack. Luckily because it’s mesh, I was able to fit a lot of clothes in all the corners of the bag, especially t-shirts, socks, leggings, dresses, etc. For sweatshirts and heavy jackets, I decided to just throw all of them in one big tote bag because I knew it would be pointless to try to shove them all in a duffel bag and actually get it to zip up. While that took care of most of my clothes, it was time for one of my biggest challenges: shoes and boots. I’ll preface this by saying I’m 6’0″ tall and wear a women’s size 12, so my shoes are quite large. Add a few pairs of knee high boots and that’s a lot of cargo. I thought about just throwing them all in my car, but that’s a lot of trips carrying just shoes. So I decided an extra large tote bag (the kind you use for grocery shopping) would have to do the trick. Alternating pairs facing up and down to maximize space, shoving converse and sneakers between boots, and tying up the handles of the bag tight so nothing would fall out, I was surprisingly able to fit everything into one very large tote. All that was left was to throw bath stuff, makeup and hair tools into my backpack along with my computer and I was pretty much good.

Chances are I still under or overpacked. Luckily it’s a long enough trip that I’ll obviously be able to wash clothes which makes it a lot easier than packing for just a weekend or week. Packing honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be this year. Throwing on some Christmas music to get in the spirit and the whole process only took me less than an hour. It helps that I know a lot of what I’m actually going to be doing over break so I knew specific things I had to pack for. I’d definitely suggest thinking through what you’re going to be doing over break so that you can specifically prepare for that. It also helped to set aside a time to just get it all done at once so that it doesn’t take longer than it needs to. Starting a list about a week before you leave also helps. Honestly, packing is one of those things that no one wants to do so it’s easier to just get it done as quickly and painlessly as possible so that it won’t be that bad in the end. I hope your winter break packing can go as smoothly as mine ended up going!



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