#DreadedDecember: Going the Distance

21 Dec


I’m like many other college students in that I don’t like to do extra work. I have so many things going on that the only time I do extra work is when I absolutely need to. Going into finals, I was calculating my grades and started getting paranoid. Although there were so many grades that weren’t entered, I felt I needed to step into high gear to “save” my grades. I didn’t want to take the time to do extra work when there was only a small chance I wouldn’t get the grade I wanted to, but I did it.


Doing the extra credit project really wasn’t that bad. My assignment was to elaborate on any topic we had covered throughout the year. I needed to create a 10-minute presentation on it and then present it to the class. This wasn’t really too bad considering that I really did enjoy the class. I let my teacher know I was doing an extra credit presentation and we picked a day I would go. Me being me, I waited until the day before I had to present to start. I made myself focus really hard on the presentation and got it done in a couple hours. Focusing wasn’t easy, but when I started I made myself not stop until I finished.


I went into class nervous about the presentation. I’m not the best at public speaking so I was definitely not excited for it. When I got up to present I noticed most people were on their phones. I was ecstatic when I noticed this because if no one was listening to me then there’s no reason to be nervous. I gave my presentation and it went pretty well. It was one of the best presentations I’ve ever given. I ended up getting the grade I wanted in that class! Doing extra work isn’t always the most fun thing but ensuring you get the grade you want it worth it.



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