#DreadedDecember: Oh How I Just Love Finals

21 Dec

This December has truly been my roughest ending to a semester since I’ve been in college. Not only have I been bombarded with family problems; I’ve also had about 4 final exams in all science courses. For my #DreadedDecember blog, I will go into detail on how I made it through these stressful last weeks of the semester.

  1. No more labs!!!:)

When I first heard that all of my labs would be ending two weeks before finals I was filled with joy. With all of my lab courses ending, I would have 9 more hours of freedom added to my weekly schedule. Consequently, I didn’t realize that the end of labs approaching consisted of final exams, practicals, and lab reports deadlines approaching as well. During the first week of December I completed:

  • 2 lab reports for my Ecology 182 lab,
  • a common final and TA Final for my Organic Chemistry lab.
  • a practical on the Nervous System for my Anatomy and Physiology lab.

Although my brain and motivation to end the semester had been brought to an all-time low, I somehow got myself together to prepare for my final exams in my lecture courses for the remaining of the semester.

2. Final Exams!!!:)

Since I’ve first started attending the University of Arizona, finals weeks have always been the most dreaded of the year. This semester, I’ve had final exams in my Organic Chemistry lecture, Intro to Biology lecture, and Anatomy and Physiology lecture, and last but not least, my Medical Terminology class. These classes have been a bit rough throughout the semester and studying for all of these classes in one week has made me contemplate dropping out daily. But now that I’m done with all my finals, I’m kind of proud of myself for the late night studying and stressing. More than anything I’m hoping that all of this stress and studying will pay off.

Until next time,

Darius Amos



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