#DreadedDecember: Wake Up, Sunshine! The Gym is Calling You!

22 Dec

Who likes doesn’t mind working out?


Who likes sweating?


Who likes waking up at 5 in the morning?


I have never had a problem with working out. I mean, I never loved getting gross and sweaty and touching gross gym equipment smothered in other people’s sweat, but I mean I don’t mind. What I do mind is waking up BEFORE 10AM.


Anyone who knows anything about me knows I hate, HATE, waking up early. I don’t like the cold air of the morning, I don’t like being up before the sun, and I definitely do not appreciate being up before the birds.


SO, when #DreadedDecember rolled by, I decided to do what I dreaded the most: waking up at 5am for 5 days straight to WORK OUT.



Monday was awful. I almost slept past my alarm, because I mean, who really cares? But I did, and it was okay. I was very tired throughout the day, and honestly, I wanted to bail on the project.



Tuesday was mediocre. Again, I didn’t exactly want to get out, but I did, and I regretted it for a good ten minutes. The rest of the morning went quickly.



Wednesday was easy. I usually wake up at 5:30 on Wednesdays for staff meetings, so I was out of bed with little complaint.


crying, because who wakes up normally at 5:30AM


Thursday I got out of bed -complained a little bit- and hopped right into my morning routine. I actually felt energized throughout the day.



Friday was my last day, and can I say I was so happy for it to be over. I didn’t complain as much because I knew this would be my last day. I finished my workout with a bang, and took a celebratory shower and nap after.



-Waking up early takes time and practice

-Complaining is totally fine

-The day feels longer when you wake up earlier

-It’s really REALLY cold in the morning

-Probably won’t do this again because I still HATE waking up early.


So, as this December rolls by, try something that you probably hate! It’ll either make you change your views or reaffirm the dread!


Stay beautiful guys!

xx Lils


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