#DreadedDecember: Holiday Cleaning

23 Dec

I hate Christmas.

Ok, I really don’t, but Christmas time sucks because Christmas time means I have to listen to my mom nag me about cleaning our house and whatnot. But before I have to deal with the deep cleaning at home, I have to deal with the deep cleaning here in Tucson.

I usually keep my room relatively clean, livable if you may. For whatever reason, though, this past month my room seemed to have exploded with laundry, rejected outfits, overflowing recycle bins, old balloons, and dirty coffee mugs. Honestly, I knew for a while that I had to get into cleaning that space but I kept procrastinating that just like I do everything else in my life apparently.

When I finally gave myself the motivation I needed to get myself out of bed, it was like the skies opened up. First order of business was taking out the trash. I am not exaggerating when I say that it took me two trips just to take out my own trash. I had old balloons from my birthday back in November that had been deflated for about two weeks and a pizza box from a one-woman study session just waiting to be taken out. From there followed the vacuuming, the dish washing, and clothes sorting. It really didn’t take me more than an hour of my time to get the place looking like a decent human being’s living space again; I felt like I could breathe freely again.

Either way, I know this isn’t the end of deep cleaning torture. I’m openly dreading going back home and having to clean an entire house but at least I have the rest of the week to prepare myself mentally and emotionally. I want to wish everyone who is going through the same experience I am my sincerest support and to everyone in general, happy holidays and a safe winter break!


– Diana


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