#DreadedDecember: Packing

24 Dec

Every time the end of the semester rolls around I get really excited to go home. Thinking about all of the warm meals, time to catch up on the TV shows I haven’t had time to watch, and seeing my dogs helps me get through finals. Unfortunately, living in the Residence Halls means having to pack all of the essentials and take them home because I can’t get back in over winter break.

Every year, I’ve figured out how to get more efficient with my packing skills. First, I have to deal with scheduling a time to check out, which usually involves a long phone call with my parents explaining my finals schedule and how the process works (again). This conversation usually gets a little heated because what’s most convenient for me usually isn’t what is most convenient for them.

Next, I have to deal with my food because I have to defrost my fridge. This year I have a cooler so I can wait a little longer to get rid of some of my food in the fridge. My frozen foods will either have to go home before me or get shared amongst my friends so it doesn’t go to waste.

Last, I have to pick the bare minimum of the rest of my possessions because I don’t have my own room at home anymore (my little sister lucked out when I came to college). Since it’s going to get pretty chilly, I grab all of my sweaters and warm PJs and jeans first. This year I used Ziploc big bags to move in, so I’ll be using them again to pack up. My suitcase is reserved for smaller items (hair things and keepsakes that need to come home with me). Then I grab some pairs of shoes and throw them into a random bag because they’re usually my last thought on my way out.

Before I leave, I do a quick vacuum and dust off my flat surfaces. This year is a little different, I don’t have to set up a check out time so I can just leave a few hours after my last exam. After going through this process so many times, packing has become less stressful but still something that I really don’t enjoy doing. It’s always worth it once I’m home, though!

Enjoy winter break, wildcats!


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