#DreadedDecember: Car Cleaning Time!

27 Dec


If you guys are anything like me, then you know how a clean and spacious car can become a cluttered disaster. I swear my car is like a black hole, lots of things go in there but hardly anything ever comes out! Throughout this semester, all of my personal possessions have piled up in my car and unfortunately my compulsory laziness has prevented me from cleaning it.

Since I am going on winter break soon and will be driving my friends and I back to Phoenix, I figured that it was about time I clean out my car. Last Saturday, I got up, grabbed an empty grocery bag and proceeded to the parking lot so that I could clean out my car. I began with throwing away all the trash, which was mostly just old fast food receipts. Then, I gathered all of the miscellaneous items that were piling up and I took them back inside to be put in their proper place. Lastly, I decided to take Danielle (my car) to the car wash; she was way overdue for that too.

Even though cleaning my car is a pain, it is something that must be done. In life, there will be things that we don’t want to do, people we don’t want to see, and places we don’t wish to go. Still, everyone has an obligation to carry out their responsibilities. Moral of the story: own up to your responsibilities no matter how dreadful they actually are.

-Khmille Appleton


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