Motivation in 10 Haiku Poems

15 Jan


Be a powerhouse

Take it one step at a time

You know you’ve got this


Time to step over

The things you used to trip on

Gain your confidence!


Sleep 8 hours each night,

Eat balanced breakfasts each day,

Stay fit, win at school.


Failed my math class twice

Changed my major to fine arts

Straight A’s ever since!


Strength is knowing that

You’re tougher than your homework

and much more hardcore.


Follow your own dreams

Let nothing get in your way

Blast through obstacles


Doctor or lawyer?

Or marine biologist?

What am I best at?


Mom wants me in law

Dad wants me in business school

I prefer science.


Mind-numbing classes?

It’s only the beginning

prepare to bear down!


College is so great

It’s hard and it will change you

Find yourself through it


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