Getting Involved on Campus

22 Jan

Freshman year, one of the most important things for a lot of students is finding ways to get involved on campus and in the Tucson community. Getting involved is important for so many reasons: making friends, building your resume, helping out your school and community, having fun, and so much more. However, U of A is a huge school so finding out how and what to get involved in is often daunting for students their first year. Here’s my experience and advice with getting involved in both the U of A and Tucson communities.

The first thing I did was to go to the club fair that U of A holds on the mall, typically at the start of both semesters. This really helped me explore the different types of clubs that were out there. I picked up flyers and talked to people from a few different clubs and ended up attending their meetings. Something that a lot of students don’t know is that most clubs have membership dues. It can be intimidating when you’re told you have to pay for a club you aren’t even sure you want to be in, so my advice is to talk to an officer of the club at one of the meetings and see if you can just sit in on a couple of meetings before paying and making your decision. In my experience, clubs are more than happy to give you that opportunity to make your decision and pay at a later

One thing I highly recommend is to get involved with a club that is specific to your major or college! Almost every major (or at least college) has a club specific for its members. This is an awesome way to get to know people that you’re very likely to have classes with in the future, as well as upperclassmen who have been where you are before. It can even be an opportunity to meet faculty from your major or department outside of the classroom and on a more personal level. If anything, they’ll at least be able to recognize you in the future which can never hurt for your professional development. And often times, these clubs are a great way to get involved around the community and in professional sectors of your field, as well as build valuable job skills that are relevant to your major. Emailing your advisor or asking a professor in your major are great ways to find out what academic clubs would be relevant to you.

One of the most rewarding things that clubs can get you involved in is the Tucson community. Various clubs I’ve been in have participated in neighborhood beautification projects, helping local businesses, helping to feed and clothe the homeless, and raise money for both local and national charities. Clubs I joined also got me connected to a church, local volunteer projects, and various business professionals in the area. This can lead to even bigger opportunities to serve the community and find out what our awesome city has to offer! Overall, getting involved has been one of the best things I’ve done in my college career. So many doors have been opened for me because of my clubs and organizations and they have really made my college career extend far beyond just the classroom. There are so many resources at U of A, all it takes is a simple google search of “University of Arizona Clubs” or “ASUA” to find a ton of options! And of course, your ASA Peer Mentors are always here to help too!




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