My First Time Getting Involved on Campus

22 Jan

My first semester here at the University of Arizona was amazing. I met a lot of new people from different parts of the country,  and I even attended my first U of A men’s  basketball game. Even with all the great things that happened my first semester, I feel that I didn’t truly start to enjoy the college experience until I started to get involved on campus.

My second semester of my freshman year, I was introduced to the African American student body club. From the first club meeting  I knew this organization was the perfect fit for me. From the start the  coordinators of the club were very flexible with working with all of our class schedules and the members of the club were extremely nice and excited to meet new members. What also stuck out to me was that the club offered plenty of community service opportunities and I made some great connections with a lot of professionals. I could potentially benefit from these networks in my future career.

As a result of being a member of this club, I felt more involved in campus. It’s a great feeling knowing that you have a group of people that support you and want you to succeed in life. Especially if a student is attending a college far away from home, having someone there to talk to and go to makes your first year on campus a bit smoother. In my opinion, that is the best benefit that us as student receive from joining clubs on campus.

All in all, I would definitely recommend that everyone join a club that fits their preferences. The University of Arizona offers hundreds of clubs to their students so it shouldn’t be hard to find the one that is the right fit. You never know how much of an impact joining a club could have on your college experience.

Until next time,

Darius Amos


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