An Awkward Guide to Meeting People

27 Jan

If you’re ANYTHING like me, then you’re kind of awkward when it comes to meeting new people. By awkward, I don’t mean that I’m quiet and shy, I tend to over talk and say way too much to someone I just met. But how I introduce myself is a different story, I should probably talk about how I met them!


Meeting new people in college can sometimes be intimidating. When I started college, I had a couple really good friends from high school that I made my comfort zone. But the thing about college is that this is the time to break free and explore new things. I loved my friends but it was hard because we didn’t live in the same dorm or have the same majors so just being with them all the time was hard. So like all of us have to do at some point, I had to go outside my comfort zone and start meeting new people.

A couple ways I have made amazing friendships is by meeting people in my dorm. Although life can be busy, my dorm mates lived in the same place I did so it was easy to see and hang out with them. If you live off of campus, a great way I found to meet new people was by getting a job on campus. You typically work with other students so you can bond while working and end up making a friend you can hang out with outside of class as well.


Speaking of class, this is where you, well at least I, have met so many amazing friends! Class friends are easy to make because you usually have similar goals and you bond over how difficult the class is. You see them every time you go to class and you end up helping each other out and being each other’s support systems as well! The way I met my best friend in college was when he poked me and said that I was his lab partner. And now almost 2 years later, he’s still in my life to annoy me every day.


There are so many ways to meet new people, from school, work, and clubs. You could volunteer, travel abroad, or be in Greek life… I can promise you the ways are endless. Get involved and you’d be amazed at how many interesting people there are to meet!

I hope this gave you some ideas on broadening your friend circle and I hope you make some friendships that last a lifetime!




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