It’s OK to Change Your Mind

10 Feb

Every year, many students run into the same problem.

Is this what I am supposed to be doing? 

You wonder if you picked the right major or the right university to attend. You wonder if you should have stayed at home or lived in the dorms your first year. Many thoughts plague your mind, especially in the start of the semester when things may seem a little hectic.

I know I had to go through many moments of doubt and confusion before I settled on where I am right now. I ended up adding two minors by the end of the first semester of my sophomore year.  So whether you are adding, dropping, switching, or just considering, changing your educational career can be a stressful process. So here are a couple of tips to keep in mind if you are considering changing your major.

1.  Your classes bore you to death


A major sign that maybe you should change your major is that you honestly have no interest in the field you are studying. If most of your major classes bore you to no end, or just make you very uninterested, maybe you should consider changing your major. Just think about a lifetime in a field that bores you to death.

2. You find your Gen Ed actually interesting

i think not.gif

Often many people find a new passion because of a random class they took. Maybe that one art or history class that you are always excited to attend every week is the key to finding a better fit for you.

3. You get home and spend hours on a hobby over doing homework


I know I am crazy guilty of this one. So, at the end of the day you run straight to your room and play guitar for hours on end, or read article after article about some new scientific discovery. Regardless, listen to your interests if you are confused about your path so far.

4. There is a small crossover you often find more interesting


I know this is one of the main reasons I added two minors; the crossovers I had in English. Since I had to take a foreign language and an education class for my major, I found both of these fields really fun to learn about, not to mention they complimented my major well. Therefore, I ended up just adding two minors!

5. Your interests have changed


This one is definitely a big one that happens. Maybe you came into college and you knew exactly what major you wanted. You were so excited and dead set on this path. But then as you took more classes you realized it wasn’t everything you thought it was going to be. This may be a sign that things have changed for you. And that’s ok! Listen to how you feel!

6. You are waaayyy more stressed than usual


Here is a tricky one that I feel often gets overlooked. There is a difference between being stressed by a workload, and being so stressed that it is making you truly unhappy. Try and find a level at which you know you are content with what you are doing, even though you are stressed, rather than hating everything you are doing and being upset about your workload and life.

7. Take your time


One of the most helpful tips I have learned is that you don’t have to rush into anything. If you want to change you major you might need to push a little faster to get some of the coursework in, but the best thing to do is take the time you need and talk to your advisors about changing your major because in the end it really is an important decision.

8. Do it for you

do you.gif

This is the last tip I am sure you’ve heard before. Do it for you. It’s important to realize that you cannot live your family or friends lives for them. In the end, although you may be feeling pressures from many ends, this is your life and your future. You have the right to follow what you feel is best and to live your life to the fullest!

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