Three Major Keys to High Stakes Decision Making

10 Feb

There comes a time in a person’s life when decisions must be made. Choices must be had. Winners must win and losers must lose. Yeah, some decisions can feel just like that—dramatic, important, and telling of what may happen as a consequence in the future. These high stakes decisions can be pretty stressful, but they’re not impossible to overcome. Here are my three major keys on how to come out on the other end of these decisions successfully.

Major Key Number 1: Ask for help

Attempting to make high stakes, stressful decision all alone only makes the decision more complicated. Don’t be afraid to get other people’s opinions! Of course you shouldn’t go with the first thing your best friend tells you, but hearing an outside opinion can help you think through your choices. It’s beneficial to hear someone else’s ideas. The more informed you are on your options, the better the outcome will probably be for you. However, be prepared to own your final decision—ultimately, it’s up to you how to choose to proceed but you don’t have to do it alone. Share these potential winning moments with those you trust.

Major Key Number 2: Keep an open mind

Sometimes our first instinct is to stick to what we know because it’s what we’re comfortable with. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does limit your options by quite a bit. Part of making an important decision is being able to look at all of the possibilities for both the good and the bad qualities. Keeping an open mind will enable you to look at all of your options equally and to challenge your initial approach to the situation. Open your mind and you’ll open yourself up to more wins.

Major Key Number 3: Trust your instincts

Sometimes our gut reactions can lead us the right way. However, this is not always true. Keep in mind that a person’s first instinct can sometimes be hasty and without too much thought. Make sure to put some real thought into important decisions, otherwise regret can rear its ugly head. Still, sometimes our instinct just won’t subside and that’s okay too! If nothing else feels right, then why not follow where our gut leads us? Only we know best what the most fulfilling choice will be and when you get that jolt in your tummy, well you can’t just completely ignore it. Dive into success.

Whatever life throws your way it can most definitely be handled to some degree. Don’t be afraid of making high stakes decisions! They’re a part of everyone’s life and in all truthfulness, how you handle important decisions says a lot about you. Take these big, important choices seriously and work through them thoughtfully and you should find yourself in a good place. Just remember to be open to opinions, to remain open minded, and to trust your instincts and the choice should be a little bit easier to work through! Success is an educated choice away.


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