Another Semester, Another Adventure

16 Feb

Another semester, another set of exams to get through. But also another chance to check in and another chance to explore options if students find that they’re not happy. At this point in the year, most students are just happy to have made it to February with all their hair and their minds intact. It’s the little things, you know? Checking-in, exploring options, and a new wave of midterms may be the last thing they want to think about but it’s a necessary evil.

February is probably one of the best times to check-in with students. Take this opportunity to see how they’re doing with their academic goals and to make sure they’re happy with their studies. Ask how they’re feeling about this new semester and everything that comes with it but most importantly, ask what you can do to help if they seem a little lost. If everything seems to be going as planned, then there’s one less thing to worry about! If not, don’t be alarmed. Say your student isn’t happy with their major anymore or they’re just not doing as well they thought they would in their government class. These are the kinds of little things that can be discussed and worked through pretty straightforwardly!  Sometimes all it takes is a little moral support from a loved one to reassure a student that they’re making the best decision for them, major wise, or that a few extra hours of work in that government class can make all the difference. If a change needs to happen, then so be it. Stirring up the pot can be fun too!

February is also the dreaded first round of midterms during the Spring semester. Depending on where your student feels they’re at, this can either be smooth sailing or stormy waters. There’s not a lot a family member can do other than to offer a lot of love, support, and encouragement if you see your student is a little on edge. Remind them that midterms are not the end all be all of their academic careers; there is always another opportunity to make a comeback! But it is also important to remember that students will be busy studying up to ace those exams so don’t be surprised to find that they’re a little preoccupied. No matter how busy students get, though, a phone call or text message from mom, dad, or whoever can really make someone’s day.

Help make the beginning of this new semester a little bit easier! Good things are coming your student’s way.




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