Be a Goal-Getter: Sticking to Your Goals

19 Feb

Although High School Musical has to be among one of the corniest movies ever made, we can’t deny the fact that they had some rocking songs back in the day. One thing I admire about the songs from each of the films (especially the more upbeat numbers) is that they are so empowering. I mean, seriously, every time I listen to a song from High School Musical I feel like I can take on the world! So while these childhood tunes may be corny, they can definitely teach us a thing or two about self-empowerment, motivation, and following through with your goals.

Get’cha Head in the Game!


First things first, goal-getters are always focused on what they want and they put forth their best effort  to get there. If you set a goal and are determined to make it happen you, have to be one hundred percent committed to it each and every day.

Aspire to Fabulous!


What’s the point of setting new goals if they don’t go above and beyond your old ones? You should always want better for yourself, and even if the goal seems unattainable at the moment, don’t be afraid to take baby steps in order to get there. Coming up with new and challenging goals will help to keep you engaged and striving to do better every day. Remember, every creation was once a dream, so dream big and set productive goals to make those dreams a reality.

Work it Out!


Nothing good comes easily, so you’re definitely going to have to invest some time and energy into meeting your goals. Try to work  on your goal a little each day and use a notebook document your progress, holding yourself accountable. Also, be cognizant of the possible obstacles ahead. Unless you can see the future, expect the unexpected!

Climb Your Way to the Top!


Now all that’s left to do is work your way to the top! If you want your dreams to become a reality you have to really want it but most importantly you must believe that you can do it! Don’t hesitate to be aggressive in going for what you want and stay consistent with your productivity.


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